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Micro Long and Thin Processing Technology

As an affiliate of M.TECH JAPAN, we specialize in precision machining and micro-processing using NC lathe. In particular, we possess unique long-thin processing technology, developed in-house. One of a kind in the world.

Developing M.tech

So as not to bend, so as not to break..
M.TECH makes it possible.

Development of Micro Long and Thin Processing Technology

The company developed processing technology and facility for micro-long and thin parts so small that it can be used inside the body for medical procedures.
Materials that we process are iron, stainless steel, copper alloy, titanium, etc.

Size can be as small as φ0.05mm and the length can be as long as ten times its diameter.

Our company achieved real-time correction control with a CCD camera installed system.

Our factory is furnished with the latest equipment including 32 CNC lathe, contour measuring device, roundness tester, digital microscope, etc.
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Test sample

Test sample are
available at various


Internally developed small NC lathe with real-time correction control system. The installed CCD camera measures the distance between the blade and work-piece to calculate depth for the required cut and informs the system.

Developing imgDeveloping imgDeveloping img

The technology proposed by the NC lathe
Past of the proposed case

Other processing technology

Increasing drill hole precision by reaming on NC lathe (recommended for hydraulic parts manufacturers)
Before: Honing after processing with NC lathe
Proposal: High-precision reaming with NC lathe
Successful case: Diameter φ8.000 (range 5μm), depth 30.0mm, circularity 0.0015mm, Run out 0.0020

High-precision processing (recommended for motor manufacturers)

Before: Blank processing with NC lathe and in/external diameter grinding
Proposal: High-precision simultaneous processing using NC lathe
Successful case: coaxiality 0.02mm, surface roughness Ra0.3

Lean production with multi-functional NC lathe processing

Before: NC lathe processing and second phase processing MC
Proposal: One time processing with all-in-one NC lathe
Cut production time by 30%, cost by 25%, and increase yield rate by 60%

Reduction of radial run out to below 2μm on the front and back side using back side diaphragm chuck (recommended for motor manufacturers)

Before: Issues in miniaturization due to design limitations of cylindrical polishing.
roposal: Realize miniaturization otherwise impossible with more precise chuck.

Developing imgDeveloping imgDeveloping img

Please be careful about the volume.