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Message from the President

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The 3rd CEO
Mr.Toru Matsuki

Our corporate philosophy is “Creation + Contribution = Trust”, and we are committed to technological innovation and quality improvement.
By upholding our core values, we want to bring happiness to everyone we come to associate with, and as a result, we hope to gain trust from our community and customers.
Our project was selected for the Supporting Industry Project, sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan.
Through this project, we developed a small NC lathe with real-time correction control system, where the installed CCDcamera can measure the distance between the blade and work-piece to calculate depth for the required cut while uploading the information to the machine.This new technology allows highly precise processing of micro-long parts with NC lathe without grinding, contrary to conventional methods which caused the parts to bendor break. Moreover, we are confident that we can provide added value by installingdiaphragm chuck onNC lathes and reduce the radial run out to below 2μm on the front and back side, just to mention a fewexamples that we can offer as our service to you.

History of M.TECH


1949 Founded by Mr. Tsuyoshi Matsuki in Hitachi City

Founder Mr.Tsuyoshi Matsuki
Mr.Tsuyoshi Matsuki


1961 Established Matsuki Ltd.

1964 Business expansion and plant relocation to Hitachinaka-city.
Began working with Industrial components, such as infrastructurecomponents.

1960's history1960's history


1970 We began manufacturing auto engine parts by installing cam-type automatic lathe.

1970's history1970's history1970's history1970's history


1982 NC lathe was introduced.
Mr. Hisaichi Matsuki appointed as the 2nd CEO.
Began working with Industrial components, such as infrastructurecomponents.
Began working on automobile equipment parts, such as industrial equipment parts.

The 2nd CEO Mr.Hisaichi Matsuki
The 2nd CEO
Mr.Hisaichi Matsuki

1980's history1980's history1980's history


1991 Name renewed to M. TECH Co. Ltd.

1990's history1990's history

1990's history1990's history


2005 ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 Certified Expanded area of work in automobile equipment, industrial machinery,and beverage equipment parts, such as faucets.

2000's history2000's history

2005 Office building renovation.

2000's history2000's history2000's history

2007 We began prototype development and accepting small-lot orders.

2000's history2000's history2000's history

Materials processed : Stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum, and titanium.


2010 Began the Real-Time Edge Control or 'R-TEC' project.

2010's history2010's history2010's history

2010's history2010's history2010's history

So as not to bend, so as not to break; M.TECH makes it possible.

2013 Established MATS TECH GmbH in Germany.

2010's history

2010's history2010's history2010's history

2013 ISO13485:2003 Certified (medical).

2010's history

2014 Mr.Toru Matsuki became CEO.

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